“The Day That” was

Since 2015 Gavan Goulder, founder of The Day That, and his team have been capturing images of sunrises- that’s more than 3,700 since then. You can purchase images of your special day such as your child’s birth, your wedding anniversary, your first kiss…and give them to your loved ones. “The Day That” was

A new way to look at art

This photograph taken at the National Gallery in font of one of Rembrant’s most famous paintings is an internet sensation and becomes a symbol of our generation. This really inspires me to show my children the art of contemplation.

Photo: Gijsbert van der Wal

Always have flowers in your home

This photo was taken at one of my exhibitions at Joanna Keeley’s flower studio in Bishopthorpe. The flowers just bought so much colour and vibrancy to the day and actually make you feel relaxed. Flowers are a great way to add a splash of colour to a room scheme and allow you to change it often. They add freshness and make your room lived in. But an absolute no no- are wilting or half dead flowers in a vase!

Painting inspired colour scheme

This photo posted on Houzz by Stephen Fletcher architects shows how a colour and room scheme was inspired by a painting. The square shape of the frame is also reflected in the cabinets and bookshelf design and also the square upholstered poufs. One of the best schemes I have seen lately!