Decorating tip – thin shelving

Thin shelving with a lip or a photo shelf is a great love of mine. It can easily be put up in a space that doesn’t have much depth and can be painted the same colour as the wall to blend in. It is also very economical to buy. You can use it instead of a bedside table if you don’t have a big bedroom – you can keep your water, book, glasses (if you need them!) and phone close by!


Decorating tip – thin shelving

Teacher gift ideas for the end of term

6 great gift ideas to thank your children’s teachers at the end of the school year.
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1. Sweet Lullaby or Orange Patiserie Naturally Fragrant Candle by Lola’s Apothecary – Beautiful candles with amazing scents. You can purchase them from our Lola’s Apothecary range here


2. Summer candle – Beautiful unscented candle in a glass container


3. Square candleholder/vase – Small and cute metal candleholder


4. Writing set-hand made paper – Cards in Nepalese hand made paper and screen printed, 6 x A6 cards and envelopes with a scalloped edge folder


5. Peapod Graphite Object – A small beautiful graphite sculpture to use like a pencil


6. VII Bruxelles leather disco purse – A small leather purse in silver colour made by a designer brand

Want a nicer problem to have? Own a piece of history.

I just went to the cinema this week and before the film started, an advert came on which I though was arresting and funny. It’s the new advert for Euromillions lottery, “Nicer problems to have (watch the video)” an avid DIY-er installed a gigantic water fountain with putti in the middle of his palatial hallway and tries to fix it in the middle of the night.

This made me think of some wonderful, gigantic pieces of architectural salvage I saw at Lassco’s Three Pigeons. If you have the space and the means these could be yours.

Want a nicer problem to have? Own a piece of history.

8 Tips to make a lived in home à la Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones is now 40+ (well my age really 43!), she is at the same time competent and ditsy, funny and optimistic. The third episode of the Bridget Jones saga Bridget Jones’s Baby follows the beloved heroine through her ups and downs to motherhood.It feels very much like the previous two films – like you are slipping on a pair of comfortable splippers.  A lot of the film is based in Jones’s flat at the centre of the trendy Borough Market in London. Her flat really shows off her authentic, quirky personality and is a really lived in place – not at all a picture of perfection. Clearly Bridget Jones is not an interior designer but she does make some efforts at making the space her retreat –a warm, cosy and inviting environment.

8 Tips to make a lived in home à la Bridget Jones.

A visual feast – Decorex textile trends 2016

Decorex in Syon Park, London is the most wonderful resource for designers. You can find anything from soft furnishings, carpets, interior accessories to furniture and architectural detailing.

Here are my picks of the must see brands in the furnishing fabric category.  They are fabrics which have great visual power, which are beautifully crafted or make a difference to our planet. Many of the companies are British, we are definitely masters at textile design.

A visual feast – Decorex textile trends 2016