My first blog post hurray!

Hello I’m Natalia Willmott, I run an  online business selling art, antiques and interesting and unique finds for the individual and for interiors. I exhibit my finds twice a year in my home and also at fairs.

I was born in London but was brought up in Paris in a gorgeous flat with lovely features and a great view of the Eiffel tower. I studied Art History at the Louvre museum and therefore was fortunate to visit and study many monuments and museums all over Paris and the surrounding areas. Paris is definitely my first love.

I then studied Islamic art and art history at Oxford University and met my other love- my gorgeous husband Greg. And since then I live in the UK and love being able to switch from one culture to the other.

I am passionate about what I choose to buy for my business and what I make.  I like everything to have a story and I love to buy from people I have a connection with.  If I can help people in need either further develop or maintain their art/craft -even better.


My surroundings are very important to me. I love bringing back something beautifully made (but sometimes a bit larger than my suitcase!) from different countries. Interiors must reflect the personality and soul of the homeowner. Although I love everything to be absolutely impeccable and interiors looking like a well starched ironed shirt I know that is not always possible for me or for others. What is important is for your house to have a lived in charm and for it to be filled with things you love!


I would love to take you readers through some of my journeys in search of beautiful products, inspiring people or beauty. My goal is to inspire you to create a gorgeous home or environment and enjoy yourselves in the process. How to display art and objects? How to create a lived in space that is cosy? How to transform your space with what you already have?

I am happy for you to contact me and leave comments on my blog. You can also email me if you wish on

And here’s a few cheers for my first blog post! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip hip hooray… see you soon.


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