Back to the past with the London Transport museum

stock_3382It is hard to believe that two centuries ago London was quite small and you could walk half an hour from St Paul’s cathedral or Westminster Bridge and find yourself in the country side. There was no public transport and most people walked and lived near their work.

stock_3423 The building that now houses the London Transport museum in the heart of Covent Garden is absolutely fabulous with it’s large bay and fan windows. It used to be a Victorian flower market and was designed by William Rodgers in 1871.


Covent Gardens since the 17th century was the popular place to buy your fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and roots.

stock_3406By the 19th century it was well established and permanent building like this one replaced traders stalls.

stock_3412 You will find 200 years of history from omnibuses, to rail vehicles, trams, buses and the tube. You will see the 1st electric underground train with no windows as there was nothing to see.

stock_3417 There are lots of interactive exhibits and you can board many buses and tubes. A fun day out for adults and children alike.

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