An interview with Sarah Bagner from Supermarket Sarah

I spotted Supermarket Sarah a couple years ago as I was trying to create images for my website and loved her style and eclectic mix of old and new items. Like me, she thinks mixing old and new brings something special to the display and shopping experience.

Sarah Bagner founded Supermarket Sarah in 2009 alongside her website after working in the marketing business. Supermarket Sarah is all about fabulous quirky wall displays which you can buy any item from with just a click. Sarah started with a stall at Portobello road market and then designed walls from her home. She was then spotted by the well-known department store Selfridges and created a huge wall for the shop. She now creates walls for designers and shops. Small brands can also display their own walls on her website. She has  collaborated with names including Kirstie Allsopp, Tom Dixon, Donna Wilson, Tatty Devine and many more.

one of Sarah’s first walls

Natalia: How do you describe your style? Do you think it has changed and is changing as your business grows?

Sarah: I do think my style is quite fluid, according to my mood but I’d like to think there is a thread of me in it always, which is quietly eccentric! Supermarket Sarah is all about celebrating personal style and I like objects and clothes which tell a story. I’m quite contrary so If I’m in a corporate setting I tend to turn up in something crazy and if I’m hanging out in a pub, I can go all black…

Natalia: What is your favourite item in your home decor that you love and couldn’t go without and why?

Sarah: I can’t go without my giant pencil which was made for me by Anna Lomax and Lauren Davies at Selfridges. It sits happily in my corridor and brings back lovely memories. I’m always very concerned about it when moving house. It usually sits on top of all the boxes.

Sarah with her giant pencil and wall for Selfridges


Natalia: What is your favourite colour for clothing? I often see you in red.

Sarah: I do like Red! If you put on a red dress, it’s actually impossible to be unhappy! Try it!
Natalia: What are your working on at the moment?

Sarah: I’m about to launch Destination summer my Monki Windows world wide May 4th so do go and see them! There is a store in London Carnaby Street and they will showcase two walls which I have made for them. The campaign will run across their 95 stores worldwide.

Exotic vacation inspired by a fruit stand for Monki
Packing for the holidays for Monki

I’m also launching my Supermarket Sarah Urban Tropicana Range with YRSTORE @TopShop London Oxford Circus – May 13th so come down for the launch and buy the Tee-Shirt!

Natalia: Name your favourite cities in the world and tell me why.

Sarah: Tokyo, for intense wonder and green Kits Kats!
Stockholm for food and beauty.
London for chaos and love.
New York for adrenaline and flea markets.

Natalia: Good luck with all your projects! They look absolutely fabulous and when I am next in London I will go and see them.


Go and visit her quirky website:

Her Monki walls will be available there!

Monki (is owned by H&M)

And if you want to see what I put on, take a look here:


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