Pineapples- this summer’s fruit of choice

When I visited Costa Rica a few years ago I came across a pineapple plantation and was stunned at how low to the ground they grow. Before then I hadn’t really thought about how they grew and just remember it being a staple of the fruit basket.

Pineapple Cruet Set
pineapple cruet set £7.95 fom Rigby&Mac

Well pineapples are definitely “in” this summer and will adorn many a table just as they used to in colonial times. Displaying a pineapple as a centre piece showed your rank and your wealth.

Pineapple Tea Towels Handprinted by Yardage Design
Pineapple Tea Towels Handprinted by Yardage Design $24 (Australian)

There are many fabrics which use this exotic motif- from tea towels to curtains to dresses and beachwear.

Vallila Interior Reimari Rug and Pina Colada Curtain
Pina Colada Curtain by Vallila Interior £54.90

The pineapple trend is not one new to 2016, it has been trending for a few years now but the motif is now being used across the whole of interiors- from cushions, lamps, sheets, curtains, carpets to accessories. I even found a driftwood example!

Milano Nesting Pendant Light
Milano Nesting pendant light by Eco Chic $500 (Australian)
Driftwood Pineapple
Driftwood Pineapple by Eco chic $40 (Australian)


If you would like to find out more about the history of the pineapple look here


Now am off to make a pina colada!



Featured image- metallic fruit trinket pots by Oliver Bonas £12 to £24


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