The discovery of the century?

Back to the 14th century BC…

Most people are familiar with the well know burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings discovered by Howard Carter in 1922- that of King Tutankhamun. The burial chambers are magnificent and are painted with scenes showing the young pharaoh’s burial rituals. The colours used all have a different symbolic meanings.

There has been ongoing research in the Valley of the King and a British archeologist, Nicholas Reeves, revealed his theory in July last year that there was another hidden tomb behind the walls of Tut’s burial chamber.


Radar scans executed last November by a Japanese radar specialist indeed suggest the presence of open spaces behind the walls and possibly two more chambers. There is also evidence of objects both metal and organic materials. There is speculation on who could be found in these chambers – could it be Queen Nefertiti (Tut’s stepmother?) ?

This is very exciting…read more in National Geographic here

all pictures taken from National Geographic

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