“The Day That” was

Since 2015 Gavan Goulder, founder of The Day That, and his team have been capturing images of sunrises- that’s more than 3,700 since then. You can purchase images of your special day such as your child’s birth, your wedding anniversary, your first kiss…and give them to your loved ones.

Gavan describes the scene above , saying, “Each sunrise is symbolic of the dawn of a day that changed somebody’s life, and each gift illustrates new beginnings and memorable moments”.


What a fabulous idea- makes a change from being able to buy the newspaper from one of your special days! It is a modern Turner accessible to all.

Elton John is a fan and says “It really does capture the spirit of a new life beginning – such a memorable moment and one we shall never forget. It’s so beautiful.”

Emma Bunton is also another celebrity to endorse these gorgeous sunrises saying, “The most romantic wedding gift on the market”.


Do you still remember the first kiss with the one you love?

I do xx Natalia

For more information and gift ideas visit: www.thedaythat.co.uk

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