Slinky sculptures to amaze : Li Hongbo the paper magician

Prepare to be amazed by these classical looking sculptures which look like nothing out of the ordinary at first glance.

Bust of Michelangelo’s David 2015 (source)



Li Hongbo a Chinese artist with a studio in Beijing sculpts his pieces out of paper…just like the traditional honeycomb gourds of his homeland – sheets are glued together to form shapes. Except these are monumental and require thousand of sheets of paper and careful measurements to make sure the sculptures don’t collapse with the weight of the paper.

Li Hongbo eye
Eye 2014 (source)

Inspired by his work as a book editor and designer which taught him to deal with lots of varieties of paper and a fascination for traditional chinese paper decorations, Li Hongo trained as a sculptor to further his passion.

Want one of these it could set you back something like $30,000…but we can all agree that these are out of this world.



Source top image

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