A visual feast – Decorex textile trends 2016

Decorex in Syon Park, London is the most wonderful resource for designers. You can find anything from soft furnishings, carpets, interior accessories to furniture and architectural detailing.

Here are my picks of the must see brands in the furnishing fabric category.  They are fabrics which have great visual power, which are beautifully crafted or make a difference to our planet. Many of the companies are British, we are definitely masters at textile design.

Olivia Bard (oliviabard.co.uk)

Olivia bard is the new girl on the block and brings with her a collection “Burnished grandeur” of velvets and chenilles enriched with jewelled highlights. The collection is rich and reminiscent of great French elegance.

* * *

Newton Paisley (newtonpaisley.com)

Susy Paisley the founder of Newton Paisley is a conservation biologist and designs textiles that tell stories of neglected and endangered species. With the Caroline Posies fabric for examples, she focuses on telling us the story of the survival of the Monarch butterfly. Through sales of her fabric, wild habitat is preserved as each meter she sells supports the preservation of 100m2 of wild land. Her colours are vibrant and her fabric has a lyrical side to it helped by the fact that the designs are printed with pigment onto pure linen.

* * *

Eva Sonaike (evasonaike.com)

Eva Sonaike takes inspiration from mid century West African architecture for her textile collections. With reference to a time when international Western building styles and local building traditions came together to form a new style of architecture. I love the simplicity of the design, the stripes made out of geometrical and continuous lines. The fabric here is digitally printed in Germany on 100% cotton.

* * *

A Rum Fellow (arumfellow.com)

I adore the collections at A Rum Fellow which uses artisan textiles. The fabrics are hand woven on a treadle loom by Maya master weavers.

Ethically produced and 100 % cotton each piece has its own characteristic due to the fact that they are hand crafted. Definitely pieces to be cherished for generations to come. They will make your interior unique.

* * *

Clarke & Clarke (clarke-clarke.co.uk)

It’s a staple company in the Decorex emporium, always excelling for the quality of their fabrics and the variety of their repertoire.

I love the whimsical theme of their fabric “monkey business” with monkies hidden under giant palm leaves. Still very much on trend at the end of this year is the tropical theme that transpires.

* * *

Rapture & Wright (raptureandwright.co.uk)

Always steals my heart as I have followed their business since their inception and I love all their designs. They are great at taking elements from architecture, antique fabrics and decorative accessories around the globe to create a visual arresting design. The hand printing onto linen is something I really admire and gives personality to their fabric.

The simple pattern of “Sakori” was lino cut before being transferred onto screens for production.  It was taken from an 18th century Japanese textile.

* * *

Designer Atelier (designersatelier.co.uk)

Designer atelier is the brainchild of Ewelina Mlynarek who creates patterns which are vibrant, vivid and radical. She is one to watch. The kaleidoscopic imagery in her new collection creates a visually stunning impact and is inspired by Dame Zaha Hadid’s parabolic shapes. She brings energy to the textile world by her use of colour and different medium such as silk and velvet to transfer her designs.


Do you love fabric as much as I do? It’s amazing how a small piece can bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to a room.

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