8 Tips to make a lived in home à la Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones is now 40+ (well my age really 43!), she is at the same time competent and ditsy, funny and optimistic. The third episode of the Bridget Jones saga Bridget Jones’s Baby follows the beloved heroine through her ups and downs to motherhood.It feels very much like the previous two films – like you are slipping on a pair of comfortable splippers.  A lot of the film is based in Jones’s flat at the centre of the trendy Borough Market in London. Her flat really shows off her authentic, quirky personality and is a really lived in place – not at all a picture of perfection. Clearly Bridget Jones is not an interior designer but she does make some efforts at making the space her retreat –a warm, cosy and inviting environment.

1. Mismatched chairs around a country table
Mismatched chairs. Photo credits: thevintageparlourlena.blogspot.co.uk

Do chairs have to match? Somehow even in a very slick, neat home this can help break up a conventional layout and make your room more lived in. Having a table of a different style to the chairs is now also embraced in the decorating world

2. Pastel colour on bedroom walls
Pastel colours. Photo credits: minimalisti.com

In contrast with stark white walls, this gives warmth to the room. Bridget has a very typical “teenage” like den with an iron bed and colourful bedding.

3. Candles setting the moods around the living room
Candles in the living room. Photo credits: nousdecor.com

They don’t always have to be lit but use your candles- don’t keep them perfect. Lighting candles makes a home inviting. Bridget’s mood is immediately set when her living room is candle lit for her birthday scene. She has even bought some flowers!

4. Piles of paper and tons of books
Cluttered bookshelves. Photo credits: jennaburger.com

Bridget now has an open plan space with a free-standing bookshelf separating her kitchen and sitting room. She is a busy top news producer now and books are everywhere in her home. You now have so many ways to dress bookshelves with books combined with objects, trinkets and frames. I love going to houses and having a little browse. It’s immediately a conversation starter.

5. Fridge plastered with photographs and drawings.
Busy fridge. Photo credits: Natalia Willmott

Bridget Jones is clearly attached to her memories and the fridge is a place to put photos, cards received, notes and mementos. It can look a little messy but who cares. It’s a place you see everyday!

6. Scarves, shawls and everyday items hanging on banisters.
Scarves on banisters. Photo credits: purewow.com

Looks like Bridget doesn’t have that much storage but having one item such as shawls or scarves hanging over the bannister can be practical and inject colour without being messy. If you have a wide staircase you can set a pair of shoes on each tread.

7. Floating shelf in the kitchen with everyday essentials
Floating kitchen shelf. Photo credits: laminimaison.com

Bridget has all her mugs, teapot, radio and various other items on the shelf over her cooker. Just easy to get out the things you use the most and makes you really want to have a cup of tea at someone’s house.

8. Art on the wall in frames of different sizes and different finishes.
Mismatched frames. Photo credits: hgtv.com

You don’t always buy art at the same time and from the same place. There is a certain charm to mix and match with other items as well. You can just imagine Bridget banging in a nail quickly without measuring to hang her latest acquisition.


At this stage of my life with three young children and a puppy, I can only embrace the lived in home lifestyle… there will be plenty of time to have a zen and impeccable home. Send me pictures of your lived in spaces, I would love to see.


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