How to show off your glassware – tips & tricks

I love showing off beautiful glassware whether it is drinking vessels or vases. We are often too precious about glassware and relegate it to the cupboard and forget to use it.

If you collect glasses or have glasses of different styles and colours find an alcove or a shelf where you can show it off. I know you have to do more dusting but then you can easily transfer it to a table or if friends pop round for a drink. Have them to hand.


Show it off in a nice cabinet in your kitchen or dining room and mix it with your plates and crockery. Free standing furniture such as this one here is so versatile – it’s also great to keep books or linen.

A mantle piece is the ideal place to show off your glassware- add a few blooms and your mantelpiece is instantly dressed – voila!

Mantlepiece with glass bottles filled with a mix of lime green flowers, green hydrangea, limelight hydrangea, guelder rose, dill, and emerald roses [Source]

And how do you show off your glassware or other nice objects? Leave your note in the comments below.

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